Saviour`s Day 2019 Muhammad`s Temple #12/Philadelphia Pa./Al Muntaquin Ali Minister
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Saviours Day 2019

 Temple service and Muhammad Speaks newspaper available in the city of Philadelphia Pa. Hosted by Muhammads Temple #12,Al Muntaquin Ali Minister.
The Host for Muhammads Temple#12 is Brother Minister Al Muntaquin Ali. Pass it on.Let the truth be told. We now have Wendsday service at Temple # 12. Join us every week at 8PM.(NEW Friday service at 8:pm) For more information Call 1 215 849 2094 or 215 232 1109    Saviour`s Day 2019 call Temple for information @ 1 215 849 2094 or 215 232 1109  NEW!!!!!! Fresh baked cakes cookies and bean pies sold in front of Muhammads Temple # 12 on every Thurs,Fri,and Sat.Our location is 2725 w. Jefferson St. Phila. Pa.19121. On radio

We plan by Allahs grace to unite every Temple that truly follow the teaching of Messenger Elijah Muhammad.

What is realy holding Messenger Elijah Muhammads Followers Back? Could you be the problem your self?Stand for Allah(M.F.M.) And Messenger Elijah Muhammad Only.They will be the winner.Take it or let it alone.

Brother Minister Jeremiah Shabazz