Saviours Day 2019
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Saviours Day 2019

Nation Of Islam asTaught By Messenger Elijah Muhammad
 Muhammads Temple has a very rich past and future.Many high ranking people from all walks of life have been or are still members of Muhammads Temples of Islam.My name is bro. Minister Al Muntaquin Ali,Iwas put on this post by Brother Minister Jeremiah Shabazz And have been on it ever since.We follow no one but the most Honorable Elijah Muhammad,how ever we will work with our people or any minister thats in line with the Lambs teachings.We are a full service Temple.We believe that Allah (MASTER FARD MUHAMMAD)Raised up Messenger Elijah Muhammad for the black man in america.We feel that he was given the keys to our future and until we listen to what he taught we will remain in the hell that we are in.Remember There is more than one kind of muslim(Some one has told you a lie).On the news we see the many kinds of muslims,come join us and be on like us.

May Allah Master Fard Muhammad bless you.

As a muslim follower of Messenger Elijah Muhammad, I needed some place to express my belief in Master Fard Muhammad(ALLAH).This site has become the place that I can do just that.You can express your belief also.They desire to put out Allahs light with thier mouth, but Allah will perfect his light.All praise are due to Allah for The Most Honorable Elijah Muhammad.

Fire at Muhammads Temple #12 - We still Need Your Help!!!

My About page is also a great place to give information about others involved with my belief.Many others say they believe as we do,but they do not call Messenger Elijah Muhammad thier leader and teacher.They also don't call Master Fard Muhammad ALLAH.Here you will find this belief pure.May Allah bless you. ......We had a very bad fire at Muhammads Temple#12 and we need your help to rebuild Muhammads Temple#12.May Allah touch your heart to help.Please send any donation to P.O.Box29683 Philadelpia Pa.19144.The fire was nov. 20th 2006.We are doing fine with rebuilding but still need your help.Send all donations c/o Muhammads Temple of Islam.P.O.Box 29683 Phila.Pa.19144 < Update as of (9-21-2010) (A NOTE OF THANKS)    The Believers of Muhammads Temple of Islam give thanks to all who sent donations to help us rebuild Allahs house after the fire.We still need donations to make the Temple better please continue to donate.Thank you so much Brother Minister Al-Muntaquin Ali. Update 12-17-2017 We are improving everyday Allahs house at Muhammads Temple of islam #12 Phila. Pa. as we are the only Temple in Philadelphia Pa. premoting the pure unchanged teachings of Messenger Elijah Muhammad. Thank everyone for thier suport. Bro Min Al Muntaquin Ali.

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Saviours Day 2016 Video
Bro. Minister Al Muntaquin Ali